(a) When you log in to our Hotspot on the Network for the first time, a cookie or similar technology will be placed and/or used to identify your device and connect it to your Facebook account.
(b) Each time your device connects to a Hotspot, we will collect and store information about your connection, including the location of the Hotspot, the identity of the Partner, and the amount of network traffic consumed from the Partner and/or third parties who the Partner works with to provide the Wi-Fi Service. If you have connected to the Wi-Fi Service using the Automatic Connection Option, we will collect and store this information every time your device connects to the Wi-Fi Service via any available Hotspot in the area you are in. You can review the information we store about the Wi-Fi Hotspots your device has connected to by going to “Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data” under “Account Settings” and selecting “Start My Archive”. You can choose to stop connecting to the Wi-Fi Service via the Automatic Connection Option at any time by going to “Facebook Wi-Fi” under “Account Settings” and selecting “Turn off”.
(c) Facebook will use the information described above to provide Partners, advertisers, or other third parties with aggregate or de-identified information about your use of Hotspots, the Wi-Fi Service, and/or the Network. For example, Facebook will provide the Partner with information about the number of people who visit a particular Hotspot location, as well as the frequency and duration of those visits. Facebook will also share aggregate or de-identified demographic insights about those visitors. Facebook will not share any information that personally identifies you, such as your name, email address or phone number.
(d) For a description of how Facebook otherwise collects, uses and shares information in connection with your Use of the Network and your interaction with Facebook, please see Facebook’s Data Policy which is a part of and incorporated into these Terms.